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无纺布胶带 Medical non-woven tape

小动物引流袋 Animal drainage bag

PGA可吸收缝合线 PGA Absorbable sutures

PDO可吸收缝合线 PDO Absorbable sutures

留置针(带肝素帽) I.V. Cannula

注射器 带针 Disposable Syringes with attached needle

猫导尿管 Urinary catheter for cats

狗导尿管 Canine urinary catheter

气管插管 Endotracheal tube

气管插管(橄榄球囊) Endotracheal tube (olive-shaped)

犬猫气管插管(盲插) Blind intubating endotracheal tube

气插压力计 Airway Sure

喂药器 Tablet Introducer

橡胶手套 Rubber Surgical Gloves and Medical Rubber Gloves

自粘绷带 Cohesive Bandage

肝素锂管 Lithium Heparin

钛合金骨科器械 Titanium Alloy Orthopedic Instruments

不锈钢骨科器械 Stainless Steel Orthopedic Instruments

15件牙科器械套装 Dental instrument kit